Chapter 38. The Orphanage
Chapter 38
Release Date April 13, 2011
Chapter 38
Volume 7
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340841-6
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Chapter 37. Gossip Girl
Chapter 39. The Secret in Their Eyes
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Shuu reflects on when his brother first arrived at the mansion. Kuranosuke's mother reaches out... but not to Kuranosuke.


Flashback to when Shuu first met Kuranosuke. Teenage Shuu tries to cope with his father's former mistress at the family table, but gets nauseous. He blames her perfume, which makes Kuranosuke angry. Shuu watches from his bedroom window as Kuranosuke hugs his mother goodbye. Later that night after hearing his brother crying, Shuu bonds with him over TV and spaghetti.

Back to the current time frame Shuu finally makes it home after days and blames Kuranosuke for causing him trouble, including calls from shows and magazines trying to book Kuranosuke. Shuu begs him to stop cross-dressing in public and tries to explain the consequences on their father's job security.

In Italy, Kuranosuke's mother, Lina, learns of the Jellyfish dresses and recognizes her son. She calls Shuu at the office, thanking him for taking good care of Kuranosuke and requesting that he get her one of the Jellyfish dresses without Kuranosuke finding out.

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