Chapter 46. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Chapter 46
Release Date March 13, 2012
Chapter 46
Volume 9
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340874-4
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Chapter 45. For the Sake of Others
Chapter 47. Monsieur Hire
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Preparations for the protest are underway. Kuranosuke tries to keep up with the Amars, but he can't quite understand them. Hanamori happens to give a clue.


Kuranosuke gets more advice from Nisha, which amounts to him being a bad leader so far.

Jiji moonlights for Nisha's company.

Kuranosuke finds that the demonstration planners are going a bit overboard, and tries to think of a way to get these enthusiastic Amars more personally involved in making the clothes.

Inari returns from her final trip to Korea.

Hanamori learns of the demonstration and wants to participate, but after being overheard by Shuu, decides to go in disguise so as not to get caught. When he arrives in costume, all the Amars decide to dress in costume and Kuranosuke finally realizes what otakus like to wear.

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