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Chapter 49. About a Pureboy
Chapter 49
Release Date March 13, 2012
Chapter 49
Volume 9
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340887-4
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Chapter 48. My Date with Shuu-Shuu
Chapter 50. The Dining Belle and the Jellyfish
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Everyone reacts in different ways after Shuu confesses his feelings for Tsukimi.


Deciding that what she actually heard was Shuu criticizing her inattentiveness for what happened to the candlesticks, Tsukimi comes out of the bathroom to apologize. The two talk around the topic until Nisha, unable to take it, accuses them of evading out of nervousness and asks Tsukimi outright if she'll accept Shuu's love confession. Tsukimi continues to misunderstand, so Nisha turns on Shuu and demands that he confess again. Shuu, made a nervous wreck by Nisha's forthright talk, falls on the political standby of saying he'll think on it and report back later and then leaves. Nisha tells Tsukimi to treat Shuu more gently, because he seriously likes her.

Kuranosuke, at home with a bad alcohol buzz, pictures semi-accurately how the beginning of the date went, and feels relieved that it might have all been a disaster. Shuu bursts in, hoping Kuranosuke has some cute stationary he can write to Tsukimi on, but has to go to a convenience store instead.

Tsukimi, still struggling to cope with the reality of what happened, calls Kuranosuke to ask if Hanamori and Nisha are the kind of people to set her up for a prank, or even maybe a twisted covert spy mission. Kuranosuke sees the truth in what happened as she relates the tale, and hangs up to go chasing after Shuu at the store. There he learns Shuu intends a serious relationship with Tsukimi and makes a scene calling his older brother a virgin.

Tsukimi decides that there's a possibility that everything was true, and she and Shuu do have mutual feelings for each other. But even if it wasn't, she still got to dress up and go on a date with him and she's thankful for such a happy memory.

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