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Chapter 52. Casual Line?
Chapter 52
Release Date September 13, 2012
Chapter 52
Volume 10
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340874-4
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Chapter 51. The Sorcerer's Apprentice Brother
Chapter 53. Tomorrow World
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Kuranosuke creates a new goal for the clothing line. Chiyoko decides to sell Amamizukan. Shoko Inari learns that Shuu is engaged to be married.


Kuranosuke gives the Amars a bit of fashion education to explain what a casual line is and why they need to create it. His secret theme is to make a dress even the Amars would willingly wear.

Keiichiro Koibuchi and Saburouta discuss his forthcoming engagement, and the Prime Minister realizes the fiancée must be the plain, boring girl he saw Shuu having lunch with. They hope this means he's ready to settle down and run for office.

After a conversation with Inari about getting an apartment in Seoul near K-pop stars, Chieko's mother calls her daughter and tells her she's flying back to sign the contract the next week. Shuu's intended phone call to Tsukimi comes in on the heels of that one and he gets an earful from Chieko instead.

Shuu goes over to speak with Inari to make sure that the residents of Amamizukan have the lawful amount of time to relocate if the contract goes through. Inari is shocked to learn Shuu has a fiancée.

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