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Chapter 62. Feel Free to Call Me
Chapter 62
Release Date July 12, 2013
Chapter 62
Volume 12
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340912-3
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Chapter 61. The Little Match Girl
Chapter 63. Midnight Flight
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Shuu is on a plane to Italy when Amamizukan gets sold to Global Create. Unable able to reach Shuu, Tsukimi decides to call Kai Fish for help.


Tsukimi is concerned about Kuranosuke not being his usual confident and commanding self. Given a reprieve from the exhibition, the overly-stressed Mayaya is home when Chieko's mother spots a koi fish that has flopped out of the pond due to the excessive rain. Mayaya rescues the koi fish, but not without knocking over the lawn statue and revealing the hidden title deed.

Shuu leaves for Italy. In order to protect Lina's secret, he doesn't tell Tsukimi or Kuranosuke that he's going.

Upon discovery of the deed, Chiyoko immediately sells Amamizukan to Inari's company. Tsukimi tries repeatedly to call Shuu for help, but can't reach him since he's on the flight. Desperate and determined, Tsukimi calls Kai.

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