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Chapter 81. Innocent Koibuchi Boys

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Chapter 81. Innocent Koibuchi Boys
Chapter 81
Chapter 81
Volume 16
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Chapter 80. Shall We Marry?
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Shuu walks in on Tsukimi half undressed
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Tsukimi gives a presentation to Nomu and the other Amars about a jellyfish metamorphosis. They are all completely lost, but Kuranosuke is all for it and orders everyone to get going on their thing. Tsukimi, particularly, is to lock herself up in her room and do nothing but draw designs. Tsukimi asks to be allowed out for a few minutes. Kuranosuke angrily insists on knowing where she intends to go. When Tsukimi answers that it's to talk with his brother, Kuranosuke says he'll go with her so that she can refuse him point-blank for being a creepy virgin. He starts to march off, but she grabs him and tells him that she's going by herself. She'll be back in less than an hour. Mayaya and Banba taunt her for being able to escape the day's work.

As Tsukimi runs to Koibuchi mansion, she tries to figure out what she's going to say to get Shuu to understand how she feels when she doesn't even understand her own feelings.

The Chinese economic bubble bursts, and Kai Fish decides to let go of all his Singapore holdings, not caring about the people whose livelihoods depend on them as much as protecting the company's finances.

Hwa-Young is back at the orphanage as a volunteer worker.

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