Kuragehime Heroes ☆ Ch. 1 / Ch. 2
Release Date August 10, 2010
Chapter ☆1 / 2
Volume 5
ISBN ISBN 978-4-06-340812-6
Chapter Guide
Kuragehime Heroes ☆ Ch. 3
Volumes and Chapters


Ch.1: Awakened by her alarm, Mayaya jumps out of bed already shouting loudly at the rain she sees from her window. Overhearing her voice, Banba walks in to let her know that it would be a sunny afternoon, so Mayaya asks Banba to go shopping for shoes as it was her allowance day.

Ch. 2: Prime minister, Saburouta Negishi is in a very serious meeting and has to deal highly with others concerning the manifesto from the Minister of health, labor and welfare. Afterward, when he is alone in his office he has his “wah wah wah” moment… until he sees a woman on TV and gets super excited about her hairstyle. He is then told to meet with Miss Peanut, to hype up his media presence as Prime Minister, so he does and talks about life, beauty, cooking, proverbs, ecology, family, recycling…and more regarding peanuts. Afterwards, missing his niece Kuranosuke, he texts him.





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