Nisha works with her brother who owns a sewing workshop. She comes from India but is fluent in Japanese and talks with a thick Kansai accent. Her ex-husband was a picture framer in Kishiwada. She doesn't fall for Kuranosuke claiming to be a girl. She agrees to help Kuranosuke and Tsukimi, though she is constantly telling them they're idiots for going into an industry they know nothing about.


Nisha is outgoing and not gentle with the truth. She can be very sarcastic, and though she might come across as rude, she genuinely wants the Amars to succeed.


Nisha is a tall and thin young woman of Indian descent. She has dark brown eyes, and long, straight black hair that she wears in a bun at work, sometimes down, or in a ponytail when off. At work, she dresses in a sari, and when out, in Western-style eveningwear, always with a lot of jewelry.



Nisha and her brother operate a materials and sewing shop in Tokyo.


The Amars, Kuranosuke




Live-action MovieEdit


Explaining why she wants to help: "I want to see you guys of the pressure-free generation do things that don't suit you; get in huge debt, be burdened with huge loans, and not know what to do."


  • Nisha makes a brief appearance at the end of the live action movie.


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